Summer Wishlist from the Pups



The heat of Louisiana summers is fast approaching and up to this point we've been lucky enough to avoid a lot of the sticky, sweltering weather that's usually settled in by now. Looking forward to the coming months I imagine many of us are procuring the necessary supplies to make it through the season— bathing suits, kiddie pools, sprinklers, hoses, sunscreen, air conditioning units, sun shields for the car, shady umbrellas... just about anything and everything that could possibly keep us cool.

Now imagine if you had to collect said items without the use of opposable thumbs while wearing a fur coat. Add to that an absence of a vehicle, no currency, and no voice. Those are the odds facing rescued animals at the Louisiana Humane Society's post-K shelter in Tylertown, Miss. Due to the heat and a shortage of resources, humane society employees have compiled a summer wish list of supplies desperately needed to help care for the animals and maintain rescue operations and investigations into other cruelty cases throughout the summer.

Desired items include:

wire folding crates for hurricane preparedness, above ground pools, shade tarps and accompanying bungee cords or zip ties, stainless steel water buckets, patio stones, windo a/c units, large dog toys, dog treats and catnip.

For more information on how to donate, visit the LA Humane society Web site or call 1-888-6-HUMANE

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