Working out in the Natural Sauna I call, New Orleans


My car thermometer has hit 100 degrees and the idea of sweating anymore via exercising is completely unappealing even when weighing in the primary motivational factor: it is beach season, must not look scary in swimsuit.

My other workout stimulator left town after final exams: self-competition with naturally skinny college students who take up the elliptical machines at the Riley Center. I was looking forward to having the gym to myself- but now I just think..."well, everyone else is on summer vacay...".

If you are in the same summer doldrums try reading the informative and amusing Web Guy Workout Blog on a new blog about an average guy getting fit for the summer and reporting on his personal diet tips and training. After that check out the Wellness Expo event at Lakeside Shopping Center this Saturday (presented by East Jefferson Hospital and Gambit Weekly) for local vendors that can help you stay on track for a healthier lifestyle.

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Don't have a gym membership to not take advantage of? Win one at Downtown Fitness here courtesy of Gambit Weekly.

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