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THE NEVERENDING STORY: Barack Obama becomes the Dem’s presumptive nominee and delivers his victory speech in the very building where the GOP will be having its convention. (Snap!) Afterward, he tries to call Hillary Clinton and gets her voicemail. (Ouch!) Meanwhile, HRC isn’t staying in the race, but she isn’t out, either. (Huh?) And while Obama speechified in St. Paul, John McCain speechified simultaneously at the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner -- “When Americans confront a catastrophe they have a right to expect basic competence from their government” -- but never mentioning Katrina by name, my friends….

THE NEVERENDING STORY, PART II: Both Clinton and Obama are expected to appear at the 34th annual National Conference of Black Mayors, which kicks off today at the Convention Center. McCain’s skipping it….

THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE: Gina Gershon and her lawyers are grouchy about Todd Purdum’s recent article in Vanity Fair, which said that Bill Clinton “has been seen visiting” her. (How insinuate-y!) Gina’s survived worse. One word: Showgirls….

THE ADORABLE REPORT: Lischinka the leopard cub will go on display at the Audubon Zoo later this month, joining her parents Sasha and Sergei. Awwww….

WHAT ARE YOU DOING AFTER WORK?: Irma Thomas and Jake Smith appear at Wednesday at the Square.

HOT HOT HOT: A Village Voice food critic challenges Dr. John to a chili pepper eating contest at a Chinese restaurant in Brooklyn. Foolish critic. (Read Alison Fensterstock’s review of Dr. John’s latest in this week’s Gambit)…

HOT HOT HOT, PART II: Our 12th day without rain and none in the forecast. My plants are dying. At least summer’s nearly over…oh, wait: it doesn’t even start for two weeks.


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