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An odd thing about the most interesting experimental bands in New Orleans is that they seem to be better appreciated by just about anyone but New Orleanians. Case in point: Belong, the totally out-there twosome of Michael Jones and Turk Dietrich, is getting to be pseudo-renowned in certain circles for its refined metamorphosing of ambient white-noise sheets into riveting shoegazer swells — and this is likely already the most ink, digital or otherwise, any NOLA writer has spilled about the band in more than five years of existence.

“Remove the Inside,” from the LP October Language

Somewhere between Debussy-plus-distortion and Moby-minus-licensing lies Belong’s 2006 debut stunner. It’s as noteworthy for what it isn’t — pop friendly and, hence, commercially viable in any way — as for what it is: a nonvintage classic that would sound equally revelatory in years 2060 or 2600. “Remove the Inside” rises on an anxious, skin-crawling cymbal sound, rides three minor-key tones until they make perma-grooves in your subconscious, and finally falls into a cushiony underwater cave of burbling reverb.


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