Political Odd Couple



By: Allen Johnson

New Orleans is a city that is “fond of its own self-portrait,” Adam Nossiter of The New York Times noted in a post-Katrina dispatch. Locals hungering for first impressions from “new” New Orleans residents James Carville and Mary Matalin may have to wait until later this week.

The politically charged couple (he’s a Clinton Democrat; she’s a Bush Republican) served as co-commencement speakers for Tulane graduation exercises at the Superdome over the weekend. Tulane spokesperson Mike Strecker says it is too early to tell if transcripts of the couple’s remarks will be posted on the university Web site (www.grads.tulane.edu/speaker.html), along with previous commencement speakers such as former presidents Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush (2006) and author Michael Lewis (2005). Married with two young daughters, the couple is famous for splitting along party lines, but their decision to move to New Orleans recently has buoyed locals. Carville is a Louisiana-born CNN commentator who advised Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign. Matalin is the former host of CNN’s Crossfire who held senior positions in George H. W. Bush’s 1988 campaign and served as an assistant to President George W. Bush and counselor to Vice President Dick Cheney.

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