Birdman's Long, Hard Journey


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by Alejandro de los Rios


From comes this fantastic profile about Chris "Birdman" Andersen that sheds incredible light on the player, his past and his estranged relationship with his mother. It's actually a pretty heart-wrenching story — published on mother's day, no less — about how Andersen hasn't seen his mother since a fight they had while he was on the Denver Nuggets three years ago.

It certainly shes new light on Birdman, a long-time fan favorite, and his struggles coping with his father's abandonment when he was young and living rough-shot in rural Texas. Linda Holubec, Andersen's mom, had to feed her three children diamond-head snakes and worked three jobs to pay for bills. She also ran in a biker gang and shot her first gun when she was 10. It is a must read for any Hornets fan or if you're looking for a reminder to show some love to all the moms out there today.


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