Music Of My Mind: A Primer On New Music In New Orleans For Jazz Fest, Quint Davis and Bob



When someone tags you a “scumbag” for criticizing a local institution — and then instructs you to, in less-perfumed blogspeak, consume excrement and expire — it tends to give a guy pause. For example, is the mere disapproval of so many Jazz Fest selections enough to make me a bag filled with scum, or does it take stating that opinion? I would like to think that, at the very least, I am a contemplative scumbag, capable of introspection. In that vein, I’m accompanying my complaints with something more constructive: an ongoing collection of songs from lesser-known New Orleans artists who each deserve their own moment on the main stage. And I’m dedicating this new series to Bob, the pseudo-anonymous, single-named mudslinger who convinced me that brevity and bravado are not mutually exclusive concepts.

“Trebuchet,” Chef Menteur, The Answer’s In Forgetting

Not exactly a festival band — outside of Noizefest, perhaps — but a prime example of the kind of ripe fruit to be found in the city’s fringiest musical groves. A constant, steely guitar strum à la Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” gives way to rippling electronic echoes that expand exponentially, folding back on themselves, churning, swirling into starburst drums and slowly fading away into manmade machine noise.

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