Prisoners of Fame



By: Allen Johnson

Jefferson Parish has only two accused killers in its home incarceration program, and both have celebrity status — renowned rap artist Corey “C-Murder” Miller, 37, and former local radio talk show host Vince Marinello, 70. Miller is charged in the shooting death of fan Steve Thomas in a now-closed Harvey nightclub in 2002. He is scheduled to stand trial June 9. Judge Martha Sassone recently denied Miller’s unspecified request for a weekend trip to Jackson, Miss. The rapper has been under house arrest for more than two years as a condition of a $500,000 bond. Meanwhile, Judge Conn Regan will preside over Marinello’s trial in Lafayette next month for the murder of the radio host’s estranged wife, Mary Elizabeth Marinello, 45. She was shot twice in the face on Aug. 31, 2006, in the parking lot of an office tower on Metairie Road. Marinello was arrested a week later. He posted a $750,000 bond, but house arrest was a condition of his release in December 2006. Marinello, who has gone through several lawyers, is restricted to his 94-year-old mother’s condo, which overlooks the parking lot where his wife was murdered.

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