Blame Canada



It’s all their fault. Anytime some yahoo  in the United States suggests that health care for everyone could be a good thing, some knucklehead has to start bragging about Canada. I grew up in Buffalo, New York, right next door to Canada and while those Canadians were good neighbors, great hockey players  (yes, we’re stereotyping) and nobody beats Tim Horton’s donuts, the Canadian health care system of a single payer (i.e. the gubmint) shouldn’t be our choice.

The better selection might be socialized insurance, not socialized medicine. Countries such as Germany, Japan, and Taiwan have private hospitals, doctors with private practices and consumers still can choose their doctor and hospital. But unlike the U.S. where patients pay different costs for the same procedure — depending on the type of health insurance they have — the prices are fixed by the government and the insurance companies are nonprofit.

How does this work? Take a look.

Yep, I’m once again plugging T.R. Reid’s “Sickness Around the World,” and yeah I still think universal health care is a right, no matter what some pill-popping probably-got-his-stomach-stapled-on-the-sly says. 

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