The Roundup: Byron Scott, Dengue Fever, and Fried-Shrimp Po Boys


by Sam Winston

John McCain in his "It's Time For Action Tour" is set to visit New Orleans' 9th Ward.

Can New Orleans food compete with Salmon Rushdie and the Dalai Lama? That's what Tulane is banking on in its competition with Emory over incoming students.

Also, six UPenn grads are headed to New Orleans continuing the "brain gain"

The LA Times draws a comparison between the mismanagement of Katrina and an outbreak of Dengue Fever in Brazil, saying lawmakers and public officials are keen to point fingers at one another.

Hornets coach Byron Scott gets soaring praise in a New York Times profile about him and the team. A must read for Hornets fans.

Fitting (hopefully) for the what ESPN writer John Hollinger calls the beginning of the "chess match" between Scott and Mavericks coach Avery Johnson.

Gambit Contributor and New Orleans writer Jason Berry is quoted in the latest national story on the Pope and the papacy's challenge on the abuse scandal.

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