Hornets Free Throw Lady Gone After this Season


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by Alejandro de los Rios

The Hornets had fan appreciation night yesterday, and while the folks over at Hornets Hype have their own incredible fan story for your reading pleasure, I'd like to introduce you to the lady in the above video. Her name is Elisa Cossey and she is likely the loudest Hornets fan in the world. Her trademark free throw yell has garnered her much attention from the team and even the local media. She was even honored last night as the "Season Ticket Holder of the Game." Much deserved, considering Cossey, an Oklahoma City native, travels 1,400 miles round trip to get to attend games.

That's right. Turns out Cossey became a Hornets fan when they spent two seasons in Oklahoma City. She's been hooked every since and, when the team made its permanent move back to New Orleans this season, Cossey took advantage of her husband's frequent flyer to make multiple tripes down to the Big Easy for games. Sadly, though, it looks like this long-distance relationship is coming to an end:

"I won't be back next season," she said. "I didn't renew my season tickets."

Why pray tell, would she decide that not come back (especially considering the Hornets' recent run of success)? Well, the reason is quite simple, actually. Barring any unforeseen events, it's looking more and more like Oklahoma City will get an NBA team of its own. Does this mean that Cossey has no sense of loyalty?

"Oh, I'm loyal to the core," she said. "Sooner born and Sooner bred. But I think this team is Sooner dead."

Well, not literally. But you can't really blame Cossey for taking a short drive to an NBA game over a 700-mile flight. She said she'll still have a soft spot for the Hornets, though, even when Oklahoma gets its own franchise.

"It'll only be hard when they're playing each other," she said.

Will she be doing her trademark yell at Hornets players when they come up to the line in Oklahoma?

"Well probably not," she said. "Not because I don't want to but my voice box is really giving me fits here at the end of this year."

Cossey said that she actually had to battle a couple of fits of laryngitis this season and only time will tell if she will be able to continue the practice in the future. All well and good. If the Hornets can't have Free Throw Lady, nobody should.


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