Live at the Nest: I have No Idea What the Score Is



By Alejandro de los Rios


There are just too many things going on today. Chris Paul getting his "NBA Player for the Month" award, Sean Payton, VooDoo player Henry Bryant, the Incredible Shouting Fan Lady That Screams at Opposing Teams During Free Throws (not her real name) and the cast of Final Destination 4 all in the stands (more about all of this tomorrow) and it's Fan Appreciation Night. OK, that last one has nothing to do with me but still, the Hornets are playing the Clippers which is a terrible team and really the only thing worth reporting is that the Hornets are still in that phase where they play down to terrible, non-playoff teams. If the Hornets win tonight, they clinch their division. But even if they do, I doubt Byron Scott will be impressed with this performance.

I'll get back to y'all with a more detailed report after the game.

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