Ain't nothing but a G thang (Government, that is)


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Here's a tax day special. Both last spring and this one, I was intrigued and a little perplexed by the lawn signs stuck in the neutral grounds on Esplanade and St. Claude Avenue advertising "Joe Blakk - Income Tax help."The Joe Blakk I know of is an old-school bounce rapper who had a local hit in 1993 with the upbeat, positive-thinking track "It Ain't Where Ya From." Apparently, when he's off the mic, Blakk is also a tax professional, slinging 1099's as effortlessly as he does rhymes. I wish I had known this before I filed - paying Uncle Sam could have been way more crunk this year.Once his busy season is over, Blakk will celebrate by taking the Congo Square stage at Jazz Fest as part of the Throw Back Jamm on Sunday, April 27. Ya heard?


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