Vitter’s Solid GOP Support



 By:  Clancy DuBos 

Who says U.S. Sen. David Vitter doesn’t still have solid support from the GOP? According to an April 8 report in The Hill, a Washington-based newspaper (, the embattled Vitter is getting support from fellow Republicans who say he should not resign over a public sex scandal, including “someone who can speak from experience” — Sen. Larry Craig of Idaho. Craig was arrested last year and pled guilty to soliciting sex from a male undercover officer in a Minneapolis airport. The Idaho senator, who has been the butt of almost as many jokes as Vitter, joined other GOP senators in saying that Vitter’s testimony in the so-called “D.C. Madam” prostitution and racketeering trial should not force him to resign. “First and foremost, in these kinds of issues, it’s the state and the relationship you have with your state that really determines where you ought to go,” Craig told The Hill. “That was certainly my case.” Like Vitter, Craig has faced calls for his resignation, but Vitter has enjoyed more support from his colleagues, many of whom pushed Craig to quit. Both Vitter and Craig have vowed to stay on and fight. 

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