The Roundup: Slipping, Slurping, and Limping



by Sam Winston

The Pope's upcoming visit to the U.S. is even more highly anticipated by several Catholic parishes that are going through "a time of pain and uncertainty"

Louisiana prosecutors spur review of the 8th amendment with Child Rape punishment.

Time for panic at the Hive? Chris Paul is 16-for-48 in the last four games, in which the Hornets won only once, and the top seed appeared to be slipping away (as well as the MVP for Paul?).

Peja Stojakovic is remarkably candid about the limits of his health and how he is a different player after his back surgery. (hat tip Fletcher Mackel)

Tulane Baseball brings things back to normal in a national profile.

An oyster-eating champion takes down 35 dozen in 8 minutes at the Acme Oyster Eating Contest.

Bloomberg News says the city's restaurants are limping and leading the revival at the same time.

Al Copeland was mistakenly listed by the state of Georgia as their second biggest tax delinquent (scroll to the bottom).

Young football talent comes together to perform for the scouts at the Saints training facilities.

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