No-Party Contender Shines



By: Jeremy Alford

Every election year there’s at least one fringe candidate who never fails to amuse. This year, that candidate may be Randall T. Hayes of Winnfield. He’s a contender in the Sixth Congressional District and is running under the banner of the Constitution Party. He could not be reached for comment by phone, but his Web site, which is topped by a cartoon likeness of the candidate, does most of the talking for him. In fact, his Web site, goes into detail about his pro-gun, pro-drug stances. Hayes lists his age as “35_” and his occupation as “guerrilla ontologist.” His “official campaign photo,” which the media is invited to use, depicts him flanked by women in a bar, their faces blurred out. In a continuing online poll, voters are asked to choose their “favorite non-blue primary color.” As for qualifications, he writes that he keeps three Bibles on his nightstand, which “proves I’m three times as holy” as other candidates. He also asks voters, “If the election were held today, would you be surprised by the sudden change of schedule?” For now, the runoff is still scheduled for May 3

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