By: Jeremy Alford

As it does in most years, the House Transportation Committee is trudging through a slew of bills to create new vanity license plates. There are bills on tap this session to create special license plates for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and “Gold Star Families” as well as others honoring Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Another measure would change the current design of the existing Purple Heart plate. Most new license plates require at least 1,000 orders to remain on the books — and on cars — but that rule was slated to be challenged. Rep. Karen Carter Peterson, a New Orleans Democrat, for one, is pushing House Bill 569 to eliminate the requirement, but only for the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority prestige plates. (Big surprise: Peterson’s bio reveals she is a member of the group.) But when the bill came up last week, the committee passed over it without commenting on the vanity of the plates or the concept.

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