Cop, Ex-cop, Cop, Ex-cop



By: Allen Johnson

As the city’s jailer, Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff Marlin Gusman is no stranger to inmate labor, but he apparently doesn’t want ex-cops with criminal records working as armed uniformed deputies. Reserve Capt. Michael Ray Liker, 40, resigned recently while under internal investigation after the Metropolitan Crime Commission informed the sheriff that the veteran law enforcement officer also was a convicted felon. “He resigned for health and personal reasons,” a sheriff’s spokesperson said by email. Despite repeated requests, Gambit Weekly did not receive additional information from the sheriff’s office, such as Liker’s hiring date, his assignments and any promotions. In 1992, Liker lived in Luling and worked as a deputy with the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office, records show. He and another deputy were arrested for shaking down Vietnamese motorists for hundreds of dollars in “fines” during a series of traffic stops in the Houma area. On April 19, 1994, Liker pleaded guilty to a federal malfeasance charge and received a five-year suspended sentence. Last September, the commission alleged that Liker did not disclose his felony conviction on employment applications filed with the sheriff’s office. 

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