LSU's New B-Ball New Coach


by Sam Winston

I'm feeling Trent Johnson to be LSU's new basketball coach. The question is, will the young hoopsters of Louisiana?

The key seems to lie with Collis Temple Jr., the driving force behind LSU basketball in recent years. Based on this report from The Advocate, it seems Johnson's got the full endorsement of Temple Jr.

I never thought Brady was much of a coach having watched such uneven performance from his teams over the years (and the lack of say, an out of bounds play). While the old Dale Brown/Perry Clark adage might seem to apply, "He can recruit but he can't coach," not even that held up for Brady recently. Indeed the word on the street was that it was Temple Jr., and not Brady, that convinced Tyrus Thomas, Big Baby, and the others to play at LSU after having all played with Temple Jr.'s son Garrett in AAU ball. Losing DJ Augustin to Texas certainly didn't help either.

Johnson doesn't have a final four appearance yet, but he did just go to the sweet 16 with Stanford. He also made it to the sweet 16 with much less talent at Nevada of all places. That's a sign of good coaching. Now all he's got to do is recruit in Louisiana and stay friends with Temple Jr.


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