Update: Jazz give Hornets the blues


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by Alejandro de los Rios


The Freezers. That might be a good name for the Jazz considering how they chilled the Hornets into scoring just 66 points on 36.5% shooting tonight.

Molasses. That's a good name for the Hornets — at least on a night that they looked like they were wearing lead-based sneakers.

Coach Byron Scott said that he's never seen his team shoot so cold all season, and that he's never seen five or six players play below their ability all at the same time.

Many could look at the Jazz's physical play and how they stymied the lane and controlled the boards. For the record, when David West cut off a question about whether the physical play bothered the Hornets.

"No, no, no," he said.

The reality is that this team knew what Utah had in store for them, but on many occasions it just seemed like the Hornets were stuck in th mud. Julian Wright said that they lacked aggressiveness and didn't move the ball. Most importantly, the Hornets lacked the all importatant rhythm. Looks like the Jazz were able to steal that too.


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