Waldron Says He'll Retire


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By: Clancy Dubos

Veteran Criminal Court Judge Dennis Waldron will retire at the end of his current term, creating another open judgeship at Tulane and Broad for this fall's courthouse elections. Waldron's term ends Dec. 31. A former first assistant DA under Harry Connick, Waldron was first elected to the bench in 1982. He is known in legal circles for keeping abreast of the latest appellate and Supreme Court rulings in the areas of criminal law and procedure — at both the state and federal levels — on a weekly basis. "I still read the 'slip opinions' every week, and I have a series of boxes containing note cards with all my notes on them," Waldron tells Gambit Weekly. "I don't use a law clerk, and I don't use Westlaw — because I don’t know how to use a computer. I call my set of boxes 'Wald-law' instead of Westlaw, and I plan to continue reading the slips for as long as I can." Waldron also taught criminal law and procedure at Loyola Law School for 19 years and criminal justice to undergraduates at Loyola University for 27 years. Even more impressive, he hasn't missed a single day on the bench for illness, nor has he ever been known to start court late. "I hope to go out with a record for perfect attendance and promptness," he says.


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