Bruno's + Honeybees = Free stuff drunk people woooo! Wait, Hornets lost?



by Alejandro de los Rios


So Bruno's Tavern in Uptown had as a Hornets Watch Party last night feature some of the Honeybees handing out free swag (beads, wristbands and those inflatable, um, whatever those are) and a lot of drunk people screaming and jumping when they offered out hats and t-shirts.

In exchange, the Honeybees got the pleasure to be hit on by a lot of drunk college kids, some of which could be seen despondent as the girls that were so receptive in the third quarter bolted in unison as Boston stretched its lead to 20 in the waning minutes of the fourth.

So really, it was a win-win.

It also gave me a chance to talk to some local bloggers that I didn't even know existed cause, well, I'm an idiot. I met ticktock6 (who loves all things free) and mW from Hornets Hype and Ron Hitley at It was great to meet some local bloggers and big Hornets fans, regardless if the atmosphere wasn't premium for watching the "nuances of the game." Ron told me that the turnout was far better than the first Bruno's Watch party and, at the very least, people were loud. It was also great because I don't know that much about the game of basketball (I know: Weak! Lame! N00B! Whatever) and these people do as these people spend most of their time on basketball sights while I day dream about how to get David West playing the drums on camera.

One thing I do know is that Bruno's, or at least some bar should do this more often. Hell, multiple bars in multiple locations should do this at every away game. There were only 4-5 Honeybees at Bruno's (my suspicion is that they're all rookie dancers) and Hugo didn't even make an appearance. All I'm saying is, come playoff time, every bar with a flat screen better be crammed to the brim with Hornets fans for home and away games. If you know of such places that are packed for games, even without professional cheerleaders, feel free to share. Cause really, who wants to watch the games at home alone?

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