Not Time to Move On Unfortunately


by Sam Winston

The latest potential wrinkle in Senator Vitter's sex scandal has drawn interest from some interesting circles.

I spoke with a reporter from Politico who was curious to know more about it, particularly in sorting out what was local blog material and what was newspaper material. He was eager on the story but his editor wanted more hard info before putting anything up.

Additionally, the post I did summarizing the matter also drew the ire of Chad Rogers, editor and publisher of the Drudge Report mimic (Louisiana style) the Dead Pelican. I'll respond below the fold.

He writes

"Pardon my crudity, but this is really beginning to piss me off." He is referring to my Monday post on Vitter. He goes on to vent about how calling people to resign and catching politicians with prostitutes is not productive because both parties do it and because he wants to "start thinking about the future".

Earth to Chad, moral-high ground/family values politicians caught in sex scandals move on by holding themselves to the same standards they hold others to. Not by remaining in office, ducking the press and saying its' all in the past. That obvious point, however, was not the big news that Rogers completely skipped over in his rant.

There was speculation that Vitter could be susceptible to prosecution for his involvment with the DC Madame under the Travel Act.

Even if you buy Rogers' argument that Vitter has suffered enough through public humiliation (it's Louisiana that's suffered, he's been MIA), the prospect of prosecution certainly means it's not time to move on. Far from it. Vitter could also be called as a witness in the DC Madame case, another reason not to move on.

Now Rogers leans fairly conservative and it's clear that he's deeply wounded by Senator Vitter's downfall. Even more so that it's Republicans that are leading the charge (well actually Democrats too).

Maybe it's Rogers that should move on from the shaky ground that Senator Vitter's standing on.

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