The Vitter Defense Continuing to Narrow

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by Sam Winston

Senator Larry Craig of Idaho will not seek re-election. That leaves Senator Vitter alone in the spotlight of national politicians remaining in office following a sex scandal. Calls for Vitter's resignation were renewed last week when Governor Eliot Spitzer stepped down, also putting Governor Jindal in a rather awkward position for his contradiction on the two affairs.

But there's more. Senator Vitter's assumed public defense was that he never admitted to a crime (avoiding comparisons to Craig), but that may no longer be valid. The "state-lines" offense that threatened Spitzer with being charged with a more serious crime may also threaten Vitter and his involvement with the DC Madame Jean Palfrey, according to Bayoubuzz's latest analysis of a Newsweek article. The statute of limitations on Vitter's admitted offense is still valid (10 years according to the reports cited), meaning he could still be charged for a crime.


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