The Roundup: Beware of Talking Crawfish and Hot Showers


by Sam Winston

Al Copeland dies but his legacy lives on, even in Korea (see above).

David Brooks' New York Times column discusses the good and bad from today's modern do-gooders, those ambitious social entrepreneurs types like the ones that have flocked to New Orleans.

Obama's race speech from a different angle, mainly how the conspiracy theorists and alienated elements of the black community are forced come to the center because of Obama instead of him going to them on the fringes.

A new blog on beer in New Orleans drops the skinny on where to get choice seasonal selections.

A Katrina evacuee is suing a Manhattan hotel for $100 million, claiming that the shower was so hot it caused severe burns.

And a hat tip to Alejandro de los Rios for some excellent inside looks at the Hornets right here at blogofneworleans.

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