French-Fried Louisiana Politics



By: Jeremy Alford

When former Gov. Kathleen Blanco isn’t defending her administration’s last-minute decision to boost Road Home manager ICF’s pay by $156 million (with no public notice), she is giving speeches and doing a bit of globetrotting. Earlier this month, she gave the keynote address at a European Conference crisis-response convention in Aix-en-Provence, France. Blanco has been invited to address the topic of what Europe could learn from Hurricane Katrina. “We believe that her insight is valuable to other government leaders, in Europe and around the world, who may one day have to face a worst-case scenario in their own jurisdiction,” Richard Biagioni, CEO of CIREEX Training Center, commented in a press release. In some respects, Blanco says she is playing an ambassador’s role. “As we saw during Katrina, we must all work to create more compatible systems and better coordinated response plans,” the former governor says. “I look forward to strengthening Louisiana’s relationship with France and to celebrating our shared heritage.” In related news, Blanco has created an “archival Web site” at

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