Big Game Alert: Boston Celtics in Town



By Alejandro de los Rios

In case you missed it, the Boston Celtics are in town to play the Hornets. Not to wander into hyperbole but this game is Ultra-Mega-Gigantor-Huge. So big they should've rented out the Superdome for more seating. So big, the Hornets have already projected a standing room only crowd. So big that 289-pound babies have been sighted:

Glen Davis

All right, enough of that. All you need to know is that this game matches up the two best teams in the NBA and could be a possible NBA Finals preview (then again, considering how the Western Conference has played out this year, every game on Boston's West Coast trip could be considered a Finals preview).

You can bet Coach Byron Scott knows the importance of this game. Talking with reporters earlier, he called Boston a "team on a mission" and that, despite having already clinched their division, are likely to give the Hornets their best shot. On Boston's much hyped Big Three (Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen) he said it was a "pick your poison" approach to defense considering how hard it is to contain all three.

Really though, what it comes down to is whether or not the Hornets can keep pace with the best team in the East. The Hornets are a combined 0-6 against the current top-five teams in the East. With every game until the playoffs a must win, and with a season-long six-game road trip coming up, a win tonight would provide a much needed boost.

Tip-off is at 7 p.m. and the game will be broadcast on CST. Unless you already got tickets, the only way you'll see this is on TV — unless you don't mind scalping tickets a likely triple the cost. If you don't believe me when I say this might be the biggest game of the year, consider this: Big Baby Glen Davis said he got 40-50 tickets for friends and family. Not a lot considering that Davis took LSU to the Final Four not too long ago, but that's 50 less tickets that will be available to the general public.

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