Jindal’s Rising Star



By: Allen Johnson

By late last week, no polls were available to measure Gov. Bobby Jindal’s crossover appeal to Hillary Clinton Democrats — but there is anecdotal evidence the 36-year-old conservative Republican is appealing to some traditional Democrats. “I hear it all the time — ‘I’m for Hillary, but I’m also for Jindal,’” says Roger Villere Jr., state chair of the Louisiana Republican Party and a Metairie businessman. Meanwhile, Louisiana conservatives (including the governor himself) are trying to tamp down speculation fueled by conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh that Jindal is a rising star destined for the White House. “He is too young and too inexperienced” to be president or vice president, says Jeff Crouere, a local conservative talk show host and former state GOP official. Jindal barely exceeds the constitutional requirement to serve as president (age 35). Prior to his election as governor last fall, his only elected political experience was a three-year stint in Congress representing the First Congressional District. “And he spent most of that time campaigning for governor,” Crouere says. “There is a point where you have to accomplish more and get the job done — the job that you are currently in.” 

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