Val Kilmer and 50 cent to film in New Orleans?


Val Kilmer's website has announced that he has plans to join 50 Cent in a New Orleans based thriller "Microwave Park" directed by Charles Winkler.

Kilmer states on his site "I play a burly rough but loyal cop. 50 is my partner....".

The film is said to be about a cop who thinks his partner died during Katrina, only to discover that he was shot to death. The cop and his new partner investigates the murder that takes them into the world of police corruption.

Was this an episode of K-Ville?

Production details were not released yet, but several international celebrity news sites are reporting filming to take place in New Orleans as well.

I can't wait to hear about 50 Cent and the former Top Gun hunk sightings. Any guesses to where they may be seen?

Kilmer's role was originally rumored to be played by Robert DeNiro.

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