America's Favorite City- New Orleans

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We (the locals) have ranked our fab city: #1 for After Dark (Overall), Live Music, Cocktail Hour, Big Name Restaurants, Cheap Eats, Antique Shopping, Flea Markets, a great place to go for a Wild Weekend, a secretly fun Business Trip and for having Friendly and Fun People.

They (the visitors) agreed on some of the above ranking our town #1 for: After Dark (Overall), Live Music, Cocktail Hour, Cheap Eats and Fun People.

Travel and Leisure Magazine developed an interesting American city comparison/almost case study where locals and visitors rank their favorite cities in the U.S.

This detailed analytical poll, lets us see how "we" view ourselves and how "they" see us.

Areas to work on: they think we are dirty, un-athletic, and an unfit place to bring their family... and looking at the numbers, we sort of agree.

Sadly, It is no great surprise that we rank ourselves almost last on the safety and crime factor and the tourists see us as the #1 unsafe city in America. So, I should not have been surprised last week when I met a visitor from Iraq who gasped at the fact that we have so many murders a year, and was hesitant to visit the Quarter the evening that 4 people got mugged in 20 minutes. This was a very unfortunate reaction for our city being that it came from a person who has IEDs go off in his city weekly, and lived through a Dictators regime.

To end on a positive note, the visitors do like to "people watch here" and agree that we are "gay friendly" town! Yes, we are something to look at, (but we didn't rank very high on the attractive factor?!?).

Check out the rest of the poll and see how we stand up to other cities and don't forget to vote for the 2008 Poll as well.

New Orleans Poll


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