The Birdman Has a New Set of Wings


Birdman wings

It's been a couple of days now since the Birdman resigned with the Hornets and, despite not playing since he inked his new deal, Chris Andersen sure has a lot more ink to show off (tattoo pun!). All the details, plus more photos can be found on the ESPN the Magazine blog.

Just a couple of extra notes that don't appear in the ESPN article:

  • Despite his refusal to smile in any photo I took of him, Birdman was affable, entertaining and, most of all, patient with me.
  • He said he wants to get a tattoo on his bottom lip that read "BAMF" (Bad Ass Mother — er, you get the picture) and then had to tell me he was joking.
  • I learned you can't take everything he says too seriously. It's great to see that, despite his past transgressions, he's kept a positive outlook on things.
  • Check out this video of Anderson at the 2004 dunk contest to get a sense of how much work he's done on himself since he entered the league.
  • "It hurt like a son of bean mother fredo pie" is the greatest thing I've heard an athlete say ever.

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