Circuit City



Amid insipid articles on Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day (fluffy!), the Bloody Mary (spicy!) and a repeat feature on George Rodrigue’s NOMA exhibit (from dogging to doting in one week flat!), today’s Times-Picayune “Lagniappe” insert proffered this intriguing tidbit: Some enterprising film company saw fit to celluloid-ize Robosapien, and auditions for the upcoming New Orleans shoot will be held next Friday, March 14. Robosapien, you may know (provided you’re sub-5 feet tall and possess a Y chromosome), is the flagship product of WowWee, a consumer electronics company specializing in robot design. Its inventor, Mark Tilden, is a former physicist for NASA whose applied principles in biomorphic robotics allow the 24-inch feller to perform a virtual acrobatics act — fluid motions, gestures, walking, turning, the works. (He can even speak, belch and flatulate at random, making him not unlike his target demographic.) Before visions of a climactic, albeit miniaturized, Cloverfield-style climax begin dancing in any heads — faulty wiring causes Robosapien to take out an unsuspecting family of nutrias! — it should be said that the picture is billed as “a beautiful family feature film about a boy who finds a robot and the adventures they have together.” Groan. Maybe the sight of all those damn inscrutable blue dogs around town will set him off. Hey, it works for art critics.   

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