Checks for Cops



By: Allen  Johnson


Gambit Weekly’s continuing search of state Treasury records found thousands of dollars in unclaimed checks, refunds and other property for Louisiana law enforcement, including: Louisiana State Police $8,917; the New Orleans Police Department, $4,200; the NOPD Pension Fund, $1,144; and Orleans Parish Civil Sheriff Paul Valteau’s office, $890. In addition, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office will need to claim nearly $1,000 in checks addressed to Sheriff Harry Lee, who died Oct. 1. NOPD Assistant Police Superintendent Marlon Defillo told us a captain has been assigned to secure the monies addressed to NOPD and determine how the funds will be allocated. One expert said NOPD might need to consult with the city chief administrative officer to determine where the one-time payments will go. Similarly, State Police will try to determine whether its windfall reverts to the state general fund or whether the money can be used for one-time expenses. After our inquiries, state Treasury spokesperson Sarah Mulhearn told us other public agencies might soon get some good news. “Periodically, our Unclaimed Property Division will run a search of public departments that have unclaimed property and will send them their unclaimed property check,” Mulhearn said. “In our next run, the police departments will be included in that list as will other public entities.”  

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