New Orleans VooDoo believe in democracy, pep rallies


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Seeing as how the New Orleans VooDoo play their season opener on Sunday, I want to encourage everyone to read Adam Norris' feature from last week's issue if you haven't already.

More importantly, though, is that the VooDoo will be holding a pep rally tonight at 7 at the Lakeside Shopping Center in Metarie. When was the last time the Saints held a team-organized pep rally? Anybody? All the details can be found here.

Also, Norris mentioned the Arena League has a Fan Bill of Rights but he didn't really get into the actual wording. Allow me:

  • The word Fan is capitalized in every reference. In honor of this, I will do the same in any AFL-related post starting with this one.

  • The part where it says that "every Fan is entitled to a wholesome environment for guests and family members, free of violence ... that could in any way interfere with a first-class entertainment experience." Clearly, some violence is OK.
  • "Every Fan is entitled to interact with and have access to players and coaches for autographs and conversation in recognition of their support at every game." Also, Fans can affect a game's outcome and keep the balls thrown in the stands.

In New Orleans, the VooDoo have been a hit. Don't believe me? Well, last year, the team went 5-11 and still averaged 16,000 Fans a game — that's roughly 3,000 more Fans than the Hornets have averaged this season. I don't know what this means exactly, but I encourage people to go out and watch both teams. They do play in the same building, after all.


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