Chicago is the setting of two offbeat romantic comedies recently released on DVD. Hannah Takes the Stairs and I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With are both quirky little stories of rather odd leading characters looking for love in the Windy City.

In Hannah Takes the Stairs we follow Hannah, played by Greta Gerwig, who resembles a young Chloe Sevigny (from her Kids days), while she struggles to find herself through her work and various male counterparts. The film leaves you with the feeling that Hannah will not end up with any of the guys that she dates. Even the final scene, with her and her office romance,

sitting in the bathtub playing their trumpets, leaves one with the sense that like the audience and this movie, Hannah will easily move to the next thing that captures her attention. Greta Gerwig, Hannah, serves as a co-writer of this story. Also, the camera work of Hannah Takes the Stairs feels very intimate as if you are watching a much cooler version of The Hills. I like to think that Hannah is the working gals’ version of Lauren Conrad.

I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With features Jeff Garlin of Curb Your Enthusiasm fame as a comically endearing, overweight, late 30’s man living with his mother. Garlin plays the self-deprecating fellow quite well and Bonnie Hunt and Sarah Silverman play the sugar and spice versions of his love interests. Although, there was nothing offensive about the film, there was not much original about it either. The overweight funny guy who makes up for his negatives with the positivity of laughter has been overdone. Also, I found the name of the movie to be just a little much. Okay, we get it. You want someone to love. To every George Costanza and every character ever played by John Candy, Jeff Garlin hasn’t made much of a stretch with his out of work actor, James Aaron in I Want Someone to Eat Cheese. I just wish the laughs had been more consistent and I had seen Ernest Borgnine in the movie Marty, which James Aaron is slightly obsessed. Well, maybe Marty will be my next movie about a man living with his mother.

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