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I know in light of all the more serious issues surrounding us here in New Orleans, it seems rather petty to talk about TV and movies and even more petty to yammer on about awards shows. However, even more in light of all the serious issues here, it seems very important for us all to escape, every once in a while, to a far, far away land sometimes referred to as LA-LA Land.

In L.A., the Oscars last night were rather unsurprising. Of course, as always there were a few upsets. I’m sorry but I might have been the only person in the present film society that was secretly hoping for a Hal Holbrook win. It’s not that I do not think that Javier Bardem is more than deserving, but it is Hal and he was there with Dixie Carter of Designing Women and his character was so sweet and grandfatherly in Into the Wild. In fact, of all the Best Leading Actor nominees, he and George Clooney were the only two that did not portray lonely, deranged and psychopathic characters. Hal’s character was just lonely and I believe that loneliness deserved an Oscar!

I always take part in a little pool with my friends, which primarily consists of monetary winnings to whomever “guesses” the most Oscar winners. I did! However, we also like to up the ante by adding little games like guessing who will be deemed Best and Worst dressed. Unfortunately, for one actor, this year was an easy win for all of us.

Tilda Swinton. You are an amazing actor and I have followed your career since Orlando, but I cannot forgive the agony of seeing you in that ill-fitting, black, one-armed disaster of a dress. And, I really have a hard time believing that you have never even watched the Oscars as you claimed to Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet. Making this even more unbelievable is the fact that you were nominated for quite a few awards for your work in The Deep End in 2001. I guess you were not nominated for an Oscar for that film, but it seems that you would have at least seen an Oscar production before.

My final note on the appearance of Tilda is a little suggestion. Why not borrow a fabulous gown from the set of The Chronicles of Narnia? I know the White Witch would have frowned on this black number and it seems she has an abundance of Oscar worthy wear. Just a suggestion!


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