Friday Night with Glenn Beck and the Fascist Liberals



Here’s my opening disclaimer: I’m not a fan of talk radio, or talk television and it doesn’t matter to me whose side the talking head, cheerleader is on — I don’t listen to Limbaugh and I didn’t tune into Al Franken when his show was available to local listeners. That said, I do occasionally check out one of these shows to see if I’m actually missing something.

Friday night, I flipped the channel to Glenn Beck and within minutes, he convinced me I’m safe in my ignorance.

Joining Beck in the studio was Jonah Goldberg, author of the book Liberal Fascism. Beck and Goldberg cozied up to each other and spent the first five minutes or so agreeing that liberals are the true fascists. But Goldberg wouldn’t go so low as to call them Nazis; he just compared the two as often as he could.

One comparison Goldberg brought out as an example of Hillary Clinton’s fascism was how she wanted to put commonsense baby videos — how to burp a baby, how to make a baby comfortable etc…— in doctors’ offices, hospitals and in the department of motor vehicles. All right, I’ve spent some time at the DMV and baby videos can’t make it any better, but how is airing these videos in medical offices a bad thing? It can’t be any worse than the soap operas or Jerry Springer.

But I didn’t touch my dial and I forced myself to continue watching the love fest. I stayed with it through the Al Gore bashing, the evils of socialized medicine and how Mississippi is creating laws against obese people. I almost broke a personal record for listening to this kind of one-sided, boring diatribe when Beck dealt his Katrina card. I think he knew I was in the on-air audience and had a side bet against me making it through a whole ten minutes.

Here’s the actual transcript:

BECK: Well, just last week they were talking about -- what was it? -- the trailers for Katrina victims.

GOLDBERG: Right, right.

BECK: They have them all in -- and they`re trying to get them out because the air has formaldehyde in it and, you know, people are getting sick, and they said the government is not telling us the truth. They`re telling us it`s no big deal. They`ve been -- they`ve been passing this off. ??And I thought to myself, this is a government program. Here it is. This is the way it works. And yet, people still want that nanny state.

Holy Cow! Somehow, he managed to liken the government providing toxic trailers to victims of a manmade government disaster to Mary Poppins.

That was enough. With visions of Beck spending a week alone in a Katrina trailer (better yet, he could spend the week with at least five family members in the 250 square foot nanny-state housing), I turned off the TV and went to play with my kid.

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