New Way to Complain



By Jeremy Alford

Now you can point your finger at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers online. Lt. Gen. Robert L. Van Antwerp, the chief of engineers, has ventured into the blogosphere and is posting on a blog called “Corps-e-spondence.” The site includes RSS capability, so readers can subscribe and automatically receive updates. Readers also may post questions and comments. “This is the way of the future,” Van Antwerp says. “We should be out there, too — clearly and openly communicating with the American public every chance we get.” But don’t get too excited. Despite being written in first person, the posts probably won’t be any more revealing than a standard Corps press release. The first one deals with Iraq’s reconstruction efforts. Other “upcoming topics are likely to include the Gulf Coast recovery efforts in southeast Louisiana,” a press release promises. The blog can be found on the USACE Web site at

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