Jindal Drubs VP Rumors



By Jeremy Alford    

While Louisiana newspapers and evening broadcasts continue to report from the state Capitol without any direct comments from the Jindal Administration, even when the story is held for several days to permit an interview, Gov. Bobby Jindal made time last weekend for CNN’s Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer. Not surprisingly, the exchange quickly touched on the question of whether Sen. John McCain of Arizona, the presumptive GOP nominee for president, would tap Jindal as his veep. The rumors have been swirling in Louisiana since conservative mouthpiece Rush Limbaugh suggested Jindal as a VP pick and crowned him the “next Ronald Reagan.” When Blitzer pushed for an answer, Jindal all but turned down the gig. “Look, he’s not going to ask me. But, no, my focus is on Louisiana,” the new governor told CNN’s audience. “I’ve been elected. I’ve told the people of Louisiana this is our chance to fix our state, and I mean that. I don’t think we’ll get this chance again in our lifetimes. So it is my responsibility to work with the Legislature and the voters. … I promise your viewers this: We’ll move Louisiana from the bottom five to the top five when it comes to ethics and good government.” Jindal also told Blitzer that Louisiana is in the “middle of an historic ethics session” and outlined a busy next few months for those involved with the legislative process. “We have a second session coming up in a couple of weeks to cut taxes on businesses,” he said. “We have a third regular session coming up in March. We’ll revamp workforce training, revamp our health care systems.”

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