Chinese Government Plot To Hijack New Orleans Streetcar Ends In Minor Injuries, Embarrassment


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Details are still surfacing from two seemingly isolated incidents last week in New Orleans that authorities now believe might be related.

At 8:17 a.m. Monday, Feb. 11, two streetcars collided near the corner of Canal and North Gayoso streets, leaving 22 passengers with non-life-threatening injuries. Around that same time, agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation were surrounding the house of Daniel Fox, a local musician and magazine editor whose roommate, Yu Xin Kang, has since been charged as an accomplice to international espionage.

“Yeah, I’m surprised our roommate was a Chinese spy,” Fox told the Times-Picayune.

Even more surprising is the newly revealed purpose for Kang’s residence in New Orleans. According to unnamed sources, the 33-year-old spent the past four months researching streetcar schedules and passing her findings on to high-ranking Chinese intelligence officials. Exactly what the operatives had planned to do with the hijacked streetcar is still unknown, but according to the same sources, certain designs are believed to have included  “a catastrophic event” at the downtown Riverwalk’s critically maligned (but popular among tourists) pan-Asian eatery, the Bambu Asian Grille and Sushi Bar.

Check back for more on this developing story as information arrives.


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