Getting the Good Dirt



The potential of urban farming is catching on in New Orleans, where more and more people seem interested in wringing some truly local-grown produce from their yards and community plots.

To help raise the local knowledge base for these urban pioneers, the New Orleans Food & Farm Network, a local food advocacy group, is running a monthly series of gardening and farming workshops, called Farm Yard Trainings. They're practically giving the training away with a workshop fee of just $3.

The next one, scheduled for this Saturday, Feb. 23, is a class called "The Good Dirt Workshop," which will be led by local sustainable growing instructor Anne Baker. She'll cover everything from the basics of soil science and testing, to improving soil structure, composting practices and soil fertility options. Expect a hands-on approach (read: getting your hands dirty).

The two-hour class starts at 10:30 a.m. and will be held at the Sun Done Parkway Partners Micro Farm in Gentilly. To reserve a spot, get more information or learn about future Farm Yard Training events, check out the Food & Farm Network's Web site.

- Ian McNulty

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