The NRA Continues to Leverage Katrina


by Sam Winston

Wyoming proposes a law that would prohibit law enforcement from confiscating citizens' firearms even in the time of an emergency.

They are not the only the state to do so.

"This year, Wyoming is one of at least five states to propose such a law; at least 21 others already have passed the legislation. It has been heavily promoted by the National Rifle Assn. in the wake of Hurricane Katrina."

Most interesting, perhaps, is the role of Louisiana elected officials in this process.

Congress responded with a law that bars federal officials and law enforcement agencies that receive federal funds from confiscating guns during an emergency.

That would be Bobby Jindal and Senator David Vitter as the authors of that bill.

In Wyoming, Jaggi [Wyoming Lawmaker] said he decided to propose the measure after meeting a state lawmaker from Louisiana last year.

The article doesn't say which state lawmaker, but I'd be interested to know.

I covered this in New Orleans about a year ago for the Gambit. It seems like there's been surprisingly little push-back in Louisiana even after the Virginia Tech shootings and the recent shooting in Baton Rouge.

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