Not So Fast

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by Sam Winston


A friend of mine told me the other day that he talked to a store clerk at Lakeside who said Hornets merchandise had been flying off the racks recently. He heard the same thing at the video game store for anything that was "NBA" related. Then there was the unexpected home sellout this week against the Grizzlies of all teams. That tells me two things. Football season is over and most everybody (myself included) may have underestimated New Orleans' ability to get excited about the Hornets, at least for a little while. The media hype is certainly pitching up for the weekend but check out this in-depth profile from the USA Today on Chris Paul's humble upbringing and his involvement in the New Orleans community as a worthy Act II to Drew Brews and the Saints of 2006-07.

"As a rookie, Paul picked out a house to buy near Canal Street, but the storm blew away his dream before it was realized. The team temporarily relocated to Oklahoma City, and he never closed on the property. Now he lives in a condominium down by the water, in the same development as New Orleans Saints star Reggie Bush."


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