Fogelman Wrap-up


by Sam Winston

A few quick points after watching Barack Obama's speech yesterday in New Orleans on the web...

- Whoever said that Obama was not policy specific or vague was wrong when it came to his New Orleans speech. From deadline numbers on the Road Home program, to teachers to student ratios to hospital rebuilding policies to FEMA directors, his speech was laced with specifics.

- Obama events normally have a lot more signage, music, and overall production but because it was New Orleans and the topic of Katrina organizers wisely toned it down to be appropriate.

- The power of the speech brought a few New Orleanians to tears including this woman.

- Even still, the crowd at Fogelman apparently couldn't help themselves from doing the wave non-stop while waiting for Obama to come out.

- The Times Picayune's story on disaster response and Katrina getting a new "fresh surge" of discussion because of the speech and the primary tomorrow is grossly overstated. The New Orleans discussion so to speak barely made a dent in the national coverage. As for locally, when don't we talk about it?

- The Clinton campaign swipe about Obama not voting initially for the oil revenues bill for Louisiana even though Obama did vote for the final bill is weak at best.

- Lastly, and this is a plea, has anyone seen any hard poll numbers on Louisiana for Saturday? Not that they have been so reliable lately or ever in Louisiana but I haven't seen any and would be interested to know what they are.

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