Edwards Hits New Orleans at Noon to Announce Withdrawal


 by Sam Winston


You gotta give the guy credit for putting New Orleans in the spotlight. Whether it's genuine is probably besides the point because Edwards is apparently bowing out of the race for President. New Orleans and the recovery in the national political news, rising with Edwards' announcement from the 9th ward and plummeting after the national debate snub, has officially vanished as a campaign issue.

While Edwards as a candidate has been overshadowed by the Clinton and Obama campaigns, he has managed to steer the policy debate for the Democrats quite a bit. He definitely brought up New Orleans more often than any other candidate. It's probably wishful thinking but perhaps in trying to gain his endorsement Clinton or Obama will once again take up the plight of New Orleans and create a much more visible and active federal plan. The Democratic candidates think they own this issue but it would be nice if they'd belly up to the heavy lifting of it the way Edwards advocated instead of just using it to bap their Republicans foes with it for an easy score.

According to Edwards' website, its going down at noon at

Musicians' Village

4000 North Roman Street (Intersection of Roman and Bartholomew)

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