Box of Wine parade on St. Charles before Bacchus



Allright, y'all, this missive is from Captain Ann-Marie Coviello of the Box of Wine. The Box of Wine is the parade that marches down St. Charles to alert the revelers and Mardi Gras fans that the time of Bacchus is upon us. It is open to all and more fun than a barrel of Motley Crue and Lindsay Lohan. Come march or watch.

To those who don't know, Bacchus is the reason behind Mardi Gras. It all goes back to Bachhus. And he must be worshipped and given tribute especially, according to Grand Marshall for Life Shelly Loughnane, "by those who lives the lives that we do."

From Ann Marie:

It's that time of year again, the time of year when a Bacchante’s mind turns away from the quotidian and toward the call of Dionysus' drumming....

Box of Wine is set to happen again this year, we hope. On the other hand, you never know. But anyhow, if it does happen, here is how it probably will happen:

On Sunday, February 3, in the middle of the afternoon a group of people dressed up in funny clothes will gather together to take a stroll and celebrate the God of Wine.

We’re starting at a new location this year. The Box of Wine should roll sometime between 3 and 5 from a nightclub known as the Turning Point Lounge. It's located on the corner of Baronne and Washington (1738 Washington Avenue).

We’ll march down Washington about two blocks, hang a left on St. Charles Avenue, go down to Clio and go left on Clio up to the Big Top (1628 Clio).

We're going to party with the marching bands, The Panorama Brass Band and The Krewe of Joyful Noise, and with Davis Rogan at the Big Top. There'll be wine and grapes and cheese.

The theme of this year's parade is: Box of Wine's History of the Circus presents A Circus Parade & Sideshow. If you know any fire-eaters, human cannonballs, strongmen, tightrope walkers, geeks, lion tamers, clowns, bearded ladies, or fleas, let them know. The possibilities are limitless, costume-wise, and every other way.

After that we watch Bacchus. Dress warm.

We also have a very, very special Queen Candy and Lord Licorice this year to reign a love supreme over the whole thing.

Please forward this email prolifically, post on all your favorite boards, and spread the good news. Remember that Box of Wine is “Always Free” and “All are Welcome.”

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