Orleans Parish Office That Works!


I have to say I was beyond doubtful that the Orleans Parish Registrar of Voters would be able to reach me here in Germany. They actually mailed my ballot for February 9th presidential primary within reasonable time to get it back to them by the election day deadline. Considering Louisiana bureaucracy lately, especially when its on a collaboration with the federal level, this is a minor miracle. I suppose my ballot still has to make it there and get counted, so it's not over yet.


Leading up to this bright white envelope, the state parties successfully made me buck my independent status as a voter for this election, sending in a fax to register with the Democrats. Does anyone know if there's a chance that they'd open things up to "independent" voters as other states do? I've always been so proudly an independent and plan on playing this little registration game as such.

Not that it really matters because the pollsters have me squarely pegged anyway. Young, independent voter equals an Obama supporter. That'd be me. All this time I thought I was thinking for myself and making unique decisions. Someone could have just told me how it was all going to play out and I wouldn't have had to absorb so much political coverage!

As I have confessed recently, it turns out I'm not the only one that can't get enough. CNN continues to smash ratings records with each debate. I'd be willing to bet that's across the board for media outlets covering the campaign. We're all in for a good fight and we just gotta see who wins. Give the people not truth but what they really want. A knock-down, drag out campaign that produces not winners but rather survivors and great ratings.

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