forever twenty-one to catch twenty-two


This week is the catch twenty-two of all shopping weeks in the year. Along Magazine St, in the malls, online there are SALES everywhere...but at the same time most budgets are feeling the crunch (which is why I haven't posted in Window Shopper recently, I cut myself off from the stores).

All weekend long I spotted 50%- 70% off sales everywhere. Some of my best sightings included Magazine Streets Pippen Lane's 50% off rack, West Elm's online sale, Pier Ones 75% off ornaments (if you can think about next Christmas), Gae-tana's 20-75% off racks and World Markets center aisle.

If you can afford just a little something else, get out now- before everything gets picked through.

My other local shopping discovery took place this weekend across the bridge at Oakwood Center. The new Forever 21 store (XXI as the sign reads) is open and gigantic. It is overwhelming and dangerous at the same time, (sales are unneeded and affordable adds up). I, like many began avoiding the Forever 21 at Lakeside Shopping Center long ago because even though the basics, accessories and disposable trendy items (cheap pieces that make such a statement, you can really only wear once) are irresistible, the long lines of teenagers were.

This new store is so huge that even if it was crowded this weekend, I felt isolated. The accessories and shoe room was as large as the Metairie location. So if you are an East-Bank XXI junkie, pay the $1 and cross the bridge, it is so worth it.

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