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On the morning of Bobby Jindal’s inauguration as governor, I was scoping things out at the state Capitol when a long-time wag asked me with a smile, “So, is it a new day?”

I hadn’t yet seen the Team Jindal talking points for the day, as she obviously had, but I gleaned from the question that “It’s a new day” (see, e.g., all of Treasurer John Kennedy’s sound bites from that day) was the administration’s official morning mantra.

I thought about her question for a second or two, recalling past inaugurations I had covered (back to at least Edwin Edwards’ “Third Coming” in 1984), and I answered, “It’s a MON-day.”

We both shared a laugh and a nod.

Yesterday (Tuesday), the Louisiana House of Representatives proved my point, as C.B. Forgotston notes with characteristic bluntness in one of his latest postings:

“Based on yesterday's action by the LA House of Representatives, there is further evidence that spending our tax dollars is their top priority.

“On Tuesday, the House voted to expand the size of the House Appropriations Committee from 19 to 25. The vote came without dissent.

“Now, almost one-fourth of the entire house membership will be on the committee whose primary purpose is to spend our money on government.”

C.B. provides excellent background and additional fodder for his conclusions, and you can read it all here.

Bobby Jindal, like every other governor, is entitled to his honeymoon. But all political honeymoons end when people realize that changing the guard does not change the game. Today is Wednesday. Is it another new day? Judge for yourself.

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