Wanna Trade Dialogue?



I love when I go to the local movie rental store (no large conglomerates named here) to return a DVD and the clerk asks me about the movie I rented. As I have always felt that the ability to talk about film all day is the greatest perk of working in the movie rental environment, it has been my past experiences that the eighteen year old clerks have not felt that I deserved to take part in their movie dialogue. I have tried to impress. I have chuckled at mere mentions of obscure eighties films, without giving away my age ( I hope) and I have resisted stating the obvious, “before you were born,” statements. But, I was still held at bay. My opinions did not matter and they certainly were not willing to share their movie insights. That is, until tonight.

I was very excited about returning Sunshine, by Danny Boyle, of Trainspotting, 28 Days Later & Shallow Grave fame. Not because I wanted to get rid of the movie. More because I wanted to get back home and write down my thoughts on this very quiet, yet remarkably beautiful science fiction film. After spending about twenty minutes in the store, I was trying to decide if I should rent another movie or, wait until the new release that I really wanted was available. I chose to rent some unlikely-to-be-good horror film, in order to return my mail-order movie; thus, triggering the delivery of my next mail-order movie rental. It sounds complicated, but that is not the important part of this story.

So, I go up to the counter to rent the less-than-stellar horror flick and return my mail-order movie along with my store rental, which just so happens to be Sunshine. The clerk picks up Sunshine and immediately breaks into a discussion about the movie being absolutely amazing. For the first few seconds of his dialogue, I am unaware that I am the recipient of this glorious praise of Sunshine. After a few moments, to prove my recognition of this unexpected inclusion in the secret movie fan club, I nodded in agreement like a half-wit. Not so much as a, “I wish I would have seen Sunshine on the big screen (I do) because the images were so powerful (They are)…” crossed my lips. Instead, after my half dazed nod of agreement, I grabbed my not-even-Razzies worthy Horror and ran in horror. Once inside my car, after a few curses and a few “I should have said this,” moments, a smile did cross my lips. Although I did not join in on the conversation tonight, the door has been opened. Never again will I return a movie without at least a, “How d’ya like it?” And, I have Sunshine to thank for that.

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